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Iroquois Soccer Club

About Us

Iroquois Soccer Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a rich soccer experience for youth age 6 to 14 in Hinesburg and the surrounding towns. Iroquois Soccer Club keeps its rates well below the usual club soccer level because all Coaches and Board Members are unpaid volunteers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Iroquois Soccer Club?

It's a youth soccer group that is part of Vermont Soccer Association. Being part of VSA allows the players to compete against players from other clubs or towns, grouped according to age. Visit VSA's website for more soccer info (www.vermontsoccer.org).

Can my child play Iroquois Soccer?

Iroquois players include boys and girls. Generally, Iroquois players live in Hinesburg and the surrounding towns including Shelburne, Charlotte and Huntington. There is no requirement that Iroquois players attend school in Hinesburg.

Why are registrations in January for a program that doesn't start practice until spring?

The Club is required to submit team information to Vermont Soccer Association by early February. In order to determine how many players are committed, registration takes place well in advance. Once registration occurs, teams and coaches can be matched up for each level. If spots are still available on the teams after February deadline we can register additional players but there is no guarantee that we will have space.

What are the age brackets?

Vermont Soccer Association follows the age groups laid out by US Soccer. The US Soccer age groups are available here.

Who are the coaches?

Iroquois Soccer Club is a non-profit entity and is run entirely by volunteers. All teams are coached by volunteers who are typically parents of players. The Club also has a volunteer board which meets several times each year. Parent participation is encouraged for coaching or serving on the board.

What are the fees?

Please see the registration page for detailed fee breakdowns.

What if I can't afford the tuition?

Scholarships are available to play Iroquois Soccer. Contact the club President, Steve Wallace at president@iroquoissoccer.org. Inquiries are completely confidential.

How many practices and how many games will my child have?

There are typically two practices each week with games on the weekend.

When are practices and games?

Practice days are usually determined in the spring and are dependent upon coach availability. Game schedule is provided by Vermont Soccer Association in early April for the Spring league or late August for the Fall league.

Where are games played?

Approximately half the Iroquois games are played "at home" in Hinesburg. The other games are played at the opponents' home fields.